The Miracle League Ride

The Miracle League Ride 
would like to thank
for their many years of support

"Every Child Deserves a Chance to Play Baseball"

Every year we ride to the Miracle League of the Triangle ball field and visit with the "athletes" before and after the game.

These kids are handicapped every day of their lives, but on game day they are "athletes".

Every athlete will receive a gift bag to take home from us (you).
This was a big hit last year - last year we gave them toy bikes, they loved it !

During the game some people will be able to pair up with one of the athletes and help him/her bat and run the bases and, of course, score a run! Every child gets to run all the bases and scores!
The rest of us will be the fans and cheer for the the athletes on the field.

Prior to the game, the National Anthem will be sung by all. (Last year one of our riders sang the National Anthem.)
There will be two innings of ball play, ending in a tie, so everyone is a winner!
The athletes will shake hands with the other team at the end of the game.
This is the real deal. 

Both before and after the game we will visit with the athletes, show them our bikes and just have fun. That's what this whole thing is about, having fun and making the kids smile. 

By The Way:
We are sponsors of the Orioles. Each of the 20 teams is named after a professional baseball team.

Everyone who was on this ride last year said, and still does, that it is the most rewarding ride of the year


Michael Kemmeries
2509 Hiking Trail
Raleigh, NC 27615 
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