The Miracle League Ride

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Information & Video
The Miracle League Ride 

Ride Date: September 30th, 2017
Rain Date: October  14th, 2017

What the Miracle League of the Triangle is:

A Baseball League that gives ALL handicapped children the chance to play baseball regardless of their disabilities; this includes children who are blind, have Autism, Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and even children who are wheelchair bound.

Volunteer “buddies” assist the “athletes” (not handicapped children as they are known the rest of their lives) with batting, pitching, and rounding the bases. At the end of 2 innings the game is finished with both teams winning with a tie score. This is because ALL of the athletes are winners! Every game includes the National Anthem, live announcing and introduction of each player at bat, and even the song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!” Of course, the players congratulate each other at the end of every game.


Day of the Miracle League Ride

Before the game the athletes will visit with the motorcycle riders and be able to sit on their bikes.

Each athlete will be given a toy motorcycle to take home in remembrance of the day’s events.

Why the MLT needs our help:

This organization is non-profit. There are over 200 Miracle League organizations across the country. There are currently 100 fields under construction. Donations provide for uniforms, equipment, and specialized fields that are designed specifically for handicapped children.


The Miracle League of the Triangle needs our help to expand!  There are over 20 teams in our area and there are many more children who want to join! We want to help provide the uniforms, equipment, and fields so that all children who want to will have the chance to play!


How you can help:

We are asking the community to help by making corporate or personal monetary donations or by donating door prizes/gift certificates to be given out at the end of the ride. 100% of money raised will go directly to the Miracle League of the Triangle.


1 - Money:

We will have a great looking Miracle League Ride T-shirt that will be sold at the event. A $250.00 minimum donation is required for your name or company name to be proudly displayed on the shirt. There are also two $500.00 spots one of each for each sleeve.  
Even after the spots on the shirt are sold out we will still be excepting cash donations.  Recognition will be give to all large donors.

2 - Ideas for Door Prizes 
and Gifts Certificates:
        Gift cards of $50.00 with t-shirt from your company
Merchandise from your company
Vacations and rentals


3 - Getting the word out about the Miracle League Ride:

We are in need of publicity about the Miracle League of the Triangle and about The Miracle League Ride. If you know anyone in the media that can help with this it would be greatly appreciated.



Where is the Field:

Adams Elementary School, 805 Cary Towne Boulevard across from the Cary Towne Center Mall



For an updated list of donors & door prizes, go to


To learn more about the Miracle League of the Triangle, go to


Contact Mike Kemmeries  


History of
The Miracle League

Late in 2004, after seeing a program about the Miracle League on television, local businessmen Robin Rose and Tony Withers were inspired to establish the Miracle League of the Triangle. The principle was simple:  to provide children with special needs the opportunity to play America's Favorite past-time... the game of Baseball. The hope was to have 40 children (4 teams) and over 100 volunteers for Opening Day.

On September 16, 2006, The Miracle League of the Triangle opened its first season with over 100 players (8 teams) and over 200 volunteers from throughout the Triangle.

On April 14, 2007, we proudly celebrated both the dedication of our field to our Founding Field Sponsor "Andy's Foundation" and our growth to over 160 children (12 teams) with over 300 volunteers.

Less than eight years later, a second field was built in north Raleigh. Between the 2 locations we serve nearly 400 children with special needs each season on 30 teams. Approximately 4000 volunteer opportunities exist each year. Our next step of growth is in the planning stages. We want to open an adult league in the spring of 2015.

There are approximately 250 Miracle League organizations across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia, serving more than 200,000 children with disabilities worldwide.

"History of The Miracle League of the Triangle." The Miracle League of the Triangle. 29 June 2009 <>.

No Rules Riders
Became Involved

Early 2005, Morgan and Rebecca Kemmeries became volunteers at Miracle League of the Triangle with their grandmother, Brookshire McDonald. They quickly caught baseball fever and fell in love with the kids! Soon they were dubbed co-captains of the Devil Ray team. And their "Geegee" became the unofficial signer of the Star Spangled Banner! Their parents, Michael and Wynne, joined in on the fun!

2006, Michael Kemmeries and JD Long decided that No Rules Riders should do their first ever motorcycle benefit ride. The Miracle League of the Triangle was the obvious choose. In a period of 5 weeks, the ride was planned and became a success with the help of others from the No Rules Riders group. it was then that No Rules Riders became an official sponsor of the Orioles of The Miracle League of the Triangle.

2008, the date of the annual ride permanently became the weekend before the Capital City Bikefest in September.

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